BIM Awards

Tuesday 26 February 2019
Boiler Shop, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Recognising and rewarding outstanding achievements in BIM

The search is on for the UK’s BIM-elite!

The BIM Awards recognise organisations that implement innovative technological solutions for new and existing needs within the built environment.

We celebrate the innovators and pioneers of digital construction, seeking out and rewarding those who are redefining the construction industry and showcasing their achievements.

The following 9 categories provide you with the opportunity to show the construction industry why you, your organisation and its projects are leading the field in today’s digital construction delivery.

Now in its second year, the BIM Awards will once again be held on the eve of BIM Show Live, on Tuesday 26 February 2019.

Who can enter?

Each category is open to UK registered businesses operating in the UK and/or international markets within the AEC industry.

All projects entered in to the awards must relate to the calendar period from 1 January to 31 December 2018, either starting or completing (or both) in this time frame.

How to enter?

The BIM Awards are free to enter and you can enter more than one category.

We want to encourage as many innovative and successful technology-led businesses, individuals and projects as possible to enter to highlight their achievements, therefore there is no limit to how many categories you may enter.

As part of your submission we encourage you to include anything which will support your entry and provide evidence of success, e.g. images, pictures, video’s, testimonials, etc.

The judging panel may request additional information after the deadline should this be needed.

Details of all entries will be kept confidential and shared only with our judging panel.

The closing date for entries is Friday 4 January 2019.

Meet the Judges

Now in their second year, the BIM Awards 2019 will be judged by some of the UK’s most illustrious BIM-minds of todays modern digital built environment. It is our pleasure to welcome to our judging panel: David Miller, Stefan Mordue, Sarah Rock, Rob Jackson, Emma Hooper and Mark Taylor.

Meet the Judges

Mark Shayler returns to host the BIM Awards 2019

Inspirational entrepreneur, visionary and innovator

The 2019 BIM Awards will once again be in the capable hands of the outstanding Mark Shayler, founding partner of Do Lectures and Greenlabs.

Mark helps big organisations think small and small organisations think big. He’s been working on sustainability, innovation and disruptive business models for over 25 years, and in this time he has worked with Nike, Coca Cola, John Lewis, NHS, Unilever, Samsung, Amazon, Mars, P&G, Dorset Cereals and hundreds of little companies.

Welcome back, Mark!

Award Categories

Entries to the following categories can be submitted by a company or individual for a specific project (there is no limit on the number of categories which can be entered).

The closing date for entries is Friday 4 January 2019.

Best BIM project of the year

This category is all about real projects with real success stories, what makes this project a shining example and what you have done that your competitors have not achieved.

You’ll need to demonstrate what you did, how it worked and more importantly why it worked.

Projects will be judged on their innovative use of digital construction methods, digital design processes, sustainability performance and overall outcomes.
Plus we’re looking to see evidence of BIM coordination across the whole supply chain.

There is no project size restriction for this category, we’ll accept big, small and anything in between!

Best new product

This category covers BIM products and technological initiatives and platforms. It can be software or a hardware piece of kit, something that boost BIM project delivery and helps us work smarter.

We’re looking for outstanding achievements with this one, on what new technologies have been introduced to create an unrivalled product.

Your entry must include details of; what is the product, what/who it is for and how it works.

We also want to see the demonstrable evidence and tangible benefits of improved productivity after the product was introduced. And whilst success of the product is important, we will also be judging on creativity and originality.

Best BIM training programme

BIM is only as good as the people behind it, therefore entries for this category can either be from a training programme provider or an in-house initiative.

This category is open to training providers who have created programmes and packages, plus in-house teams who have created their own programmes.

We want to see the reasons for your training needs and the objectives set for the implementation of the programme, the process you followed and the post-training results.

The Rob Jackson OpenBIM Award

This category is designed to specifically recognise the use of OpenBIM file formats on your projects.

You must demonstrate a universal approach to the collaborative design, realization and operation of a project based on open standards and workflows, and how this has impacted on the project outcomes.

And it is our great honour to say the legend that is Rob Jackson himself will once again be judging this award.

Keep your eye on this one

This award honours individuals who have influenced the built environment or shown significant promise for future contributions to live projects.

This category is entered via nominations only, therefore you get the chance to put forward someone you think is an outstanding achiever and is destined for greatness!

The individual must be 25 years or under and nominations should be submitted with the candidate’s permission please.

Sadly self-nominations will not be accepted!

BIM Designer of the year

We’re looking for evidence of your effective use of BIM on project designs and your in-house delivery. What makes you digitally design led and why?

You must highlight your firms approach to BIM and provide demonstrable evidence through projects and construction work that your firm has been involved in, focusing on the outstanding features of this work, including innovative solutions to difficult problems and what your firm is doing differently to others.

You should include some/all of the following: photographs, model images and videos of the completed project. Plus client testimonials would be super too!

BIM Contractor of the year

From contractors, we’re looking for evidence of your BIM adoption level and implementation on your projects. How you manage your supply chain and coordinate the data within the project.

You must highlight your firm’s approach to BIM and provide demonstrable evidence of projects upon which you have used BIM and how this has been delivered. We’re looking for evidence of 3D capabilities, levels of collaboration and information/data management.

Tell us how you use digital construction methods and technology to provide tangible benefits to your projects and built assets.

BIM Enabler/Consultant of the year

The role of the BIM consultant is one of a key provider of BIM knowledge, understanding and guidance, they will be coordinating the project models and data, therefore in this category we want to see how you do this, the process you take and what this means to a project.

Tell us how you deliver your consultancy to solve problems, how you manage information within a project and what support and or training you offer your clients.

Please use examples and reference to case studies for on-going and completed projects. We want to see what makes you the best BIM consultant in the UK.

BIM personality of the year

This Honorary award will be given to an individual for their outstanding achievements, exceptional contribution and remarkable service to BIM and digital construction.

Someone who is ahead of their field and a leader of trends and provides insight and future-thinking for us all to follow.

It is not possible to submit an entry or make a nomination to this category, the BIM Awards Judges will decide on the winner and reveal the identity of this lucky individual during the awards ceremony – we can’t wait!